The Dockstader Family

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I know I skipped A LOT  from November to now, but I absolutely could NOT  skip this milestone…


My little baldy finally got enough hair for pig-tails!


It may not be much, but it’s something. I guess when it comes right down to it, she’s cute enough that she doesn’t even really need hair.


BUT, I’m so glad it’s finally growing in.

Called to Serve

Maclynn’s youngest brother Tyler received his mission call to serve in the Charlotte, North Carolina Mission last Saturday.  He is currently at BYU Idaho and his call came to his mom’s house here in California.  Through the wonderful modern technology of Skype, we were able to open it here while he watched from school.  The family all gathered at our house and while we waited for everyone to get here Uncle Ty Ty entertained Emma with a little game of Peek…




I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!

Mother’s Day

Just a few pictures from Mother’s Day. 


I vowed not to let Mother’s Day pass without getting a picture of me with the kids.  I am very blessed to have the such good, kind, beautiful, talented children!


I made my mom sit for some pictures with the kids as well.  They love their grandma very much, and are very lucky to have her.  Jack looks unhappy, but he loves his grandma too!


Mother’s Day just wouldn’t be complete without a small tribute to the woman who taught me everything I know.  She is with me through thick and thin.  Literally!  We’ve been inseparable since I was pregnant with the twins.  I could never say enough “thank yous” to convey just how grateful I am for my mom.  I love you Mom!

Where We’ve Been (cont.)


Poor little Emma has had much to complain about as she’s been through 8 ear infections in the past 9 months.  This has kept mom VERY busy.


Yes, that’s her blanky in the tub with her.  When she’s not feeling well the only thing that will do is a blanky & a “sassy” (aka pacifier), and when it comes to bath time don’t even think about trying to take that blanky away! It’s a good Mommy had enough foresight to buy several identical blankets.


The other day I put her on the counter while I got her antibiotics out of the fridge.  In order to get to the antibiotics I had to take the cake out of the fridge.  I put it on the counter and when I turned back around this is what I found.  She even grabbed a fork! I let her have at it since its better that she eats it than me and this was the end result…


Not nearly as messy as it could of been.  She clearly understands that you don’t waste a good chocolate cake!


I looked up at snack time the other day to find both of her feet on the table.  It cracked me up, which caused her to give me this look like, “What?  Isn’t this how everybody has their snack?”

Where We’ve Been…

A lot has happened with this Dockstader family since October of last year.  We bought another house in October & moved in on Thanksgiving Day last year.  Without question the most exciting part of the move was the crane we hired to move the playhouse that we built last year from the old house to the new house.  The kids were really good to sit across the street…


while the crane moved the playhouse from the backyard…


onto Uncle Mike’s tow truck in the front yard.


Then from the front yard of the new house…


over the house…


and finally to the backyard.


However, the crane could only reach so far into the backyard…


It took 6 grown men…



and some very patient kids…



before our playhouse found its new home.  It certainly was a lot of work, but well worth it.  This is one of the kids favorite places to play.  A huge thank you to Daddy, Grandpa Tanner, Uncle Mike, Uncle John, Uncle Dylan, Uncle Tyler, and Uncle Jeff for getting it into place!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Uplifting Thought

I've been feeling overwhelmed and a little blue lately.  My sweet husband emailed this story/thought to me yesterday and it really lifted my spirits.  I can truly identify with this woman whoever she is...

The shock on her face was visible. My oldest daughter (age 5) burst into the kitchen shouting her discovery. “Mom! We have a grape tree in our backyard!” I looked at the delicate bounty dangling from her fingers and sure enough, it was a cluster of perfectly round concord grapes. Her twin sisters, hot on her heels, bounded up the stairs to thrust their own prize under my nose. I stopped swiping food from the boys’ high chairs and followed them outside to our unruly backyard.

Two months ago we moved into a new (old) house. The backyard, along with everything else, spoke neglect. But I loved the ornate brick wall, the long stretch of grass for kids to run on, the winding perimeter of a garden. It was a weedy garden but I hoped to reclaim it – turn it into something colorful, maybe even fruitful.

The girls ran to the wall, jumping, pointing, picking and plopping. One grape after another disappeared into their mouths as they chattered about this splendid surprise growing outside their bedroom windows.

I hadn’t even noticed the vine. But there it was – tall and tangly, bent by the weight of lip-puckering grapes. I let the girls pick their own stash, rinse them in the sink and put them on the table for dinner. In a world where children can grow up believing all food grows in grocery stores, the “grape tree” (inappropriately named for it’s soaring tree-like structure) was a novelty at our house for days.

A week later while washing dishes in the kitchen, I looked out at the grape tree and noticed a fleck of pink. No orange. Wait – maybe it was red. I squinted and leaned forward. Handfuls of sunset orbs hung from the vine. They looked like peaches. But how?

I hurried out to the tree and sure enough – awkwardly perched in the highest branches of the vine were peaches in threes. “Girls! We have a peach tree growing out here!” I lifted them up one at a time to feel the unmistakable fuzz of a peach.

Then I bent down to inspect the root system. A bunch of slender trunks were clumped together. Two appeared to be the vine, one I traced upward to a lonely peach limb, and another, to my surprise, was a gangly old plum tree. Over time, it seemed that the vine had slithered its way up both trees, wrapping and curling, until both plum and peach were almost completely disguised.

Two weeks after our grand discovery, the grapes sweetened and neighbor children carted them home in pails. Tonight, we cut into our first peach and savored every slice.

How can nature go so boldly against the law of the harvest? No pruning, thinning, training, or attention. Nothing deliberate or sweat-inducing. Yet the tree bore fruit. Delicious, generous, and without price.

One look at my own spiritual vineyard and I see a similar neglect. Birthing our second set of twins this last year has been more than intense. I haven’t made it to the temple, haven’t fasted regularly, and it’s rare when I can stay for an entire block of church. My scripture study has been less than stellar and my sleepy personal prayers seem to fall short.

I am immersed in my children. It is that season. But maybe there is a parable at work here. Maybe I am like the grape tree – still bearing fruit (although disguised to most), still growing, still reaching for light.

I can feel the Lord of the Vineyard nearby, pruning and digging about. So I kneel weary and make my meager but best offering. To my surprise, He presses fruit into my palm – delicious, generous, and more than enough.

“I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing” (John 15:5).


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Summer at Millerton Lake

We made a huge effort to get to the lake as often as possible this summer & we're so glad we did. We tried to go every Monday.  Maclynn would go to work for half a day & bring the boat home around noon and then off we went.  There's nothing quite like a summer day floating on the lake with the kids jumping off the top of the boat & swimming like fish.  Emma did much better than I thought she would with the whole life jacket situation.  Tanner, Hannah, & Jack are all such great swimmers.  We enjoyed some great quality family time (something that is hard to come by with owning a business & Maclynn being bishop), and we made some fun memories!

Hannah & Cousin Abby
Aunt Heather & Jack


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

La La Life

Jack is terrified of the cow mascot at Chick-fil-A to the extent that he refuses to go at all (even through the drive-thru).  He got in the car the other day after school and and eyed my Chick-fil-A cup suspiciously.

Jack: "Mom, did you go to Chick-fil-a today?"
Me: "Yes."
Jack: "Was the cow there?"
Me: "No"
Jack: "I'm so proud of you, Mom!"


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here we go again...

Normally I would have titled this post something along the lines of "Catching Up".  However, given that I'm not sure how long that would actually take, combined with the fact that I really have no desire to do the work that would entail (at this point any way) - let's just say, "Here we go again..."

As you can see I have given the family blog a little face lift using some of my new skills from the Photo Shop class I am taking this semester (more on that later...maybe.)  I've been playing with it all day.  When I was in high school and I had homework to do somehow I always ended up cleaning out my backpack & organizing my workspace before any actual work was done (Procrastination happens to be my middle name).  I know there's tons of work to be done to my blog & yet I spent most of the evening spiffing things up instead of actually posting.  (Some things never change). 

We had a fantastic summer packed with vacation, weekly trips to the lake, swimming at Grandma & Grandpa Tanner's daily, & lots of other fun stuff.  I got a new camera and I've been having lots of fun learning how to use it, so hopefully I will eventually get around to posting some visual reminders of how we spent the summer of 2010.

The kids are back in school (sigh of relief), including Jack who started kindergarten this year, so it's just Emma & me for half of the day.  So why isn't my blog up to date?  Did I mention that Emma is home with me?  (Her middle name is High Maintenance.)

So, here we go again...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


153 161 170

Hannah donated her hair for the second time today.  She has been looking forward to a short do, but wanted to wait until it was long enough to donate.  What a beautiful girl!


Tanner received the Citizenship award for the second year in a row.  We are so proud of him.  His teachers are always talking about what a good example he is.  We are in complete agreement.


Hannah received the Principal’s Medallion award for the second year in a row.  We are so proud of all her hard work.  She is such a joy to have in our home.

091 092

Just some pics of my little ladies.  Gorgeous aren’t they?!