The Dockstader Family

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, to all who commented on my "Calling all mothers" post. I am blessed to be surrounded by women who are as joyful about being an LDS mother as I am. Your thoughts were all greatly appreciated and I was able to put together a talk I felt really good about. Thank you!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Calling all mothers!

So I've been asked to speak in the adult session of our stake conference on Saturday evening and I'm looking for some additional inspiration. My topic is one that is near and dear to my heart, "The Joy of Being an LDS Mother". The wonderful thing is that I know this can mean something different to each one of us depending on what stage of motherhood we are in. So please sisters, comment. What is the joy of being and LDS mother to you?

Grandmother Fairy - Every grandchilds dream!

So I was struck by the irony of this picture as I looked around Grandmother Fairy's house yesterday. Notice the cavities (not to mention the cookie in her teeth that she just ate -ewww sorry about that), and then watch the slide show of all the candy dishes my mom has lying around her house! Keep in mind that I only documented the candy dishes downstairs. I didn't count any of the ones upstairs. Seriously mother, what's a girl to do?!

Our Not So Lazy Sundays...

We are so lucky to live so close to family! It does make for some crazy Sunday's though. We are actually in the same ward as my parents so we see them at church. After church we change clothes and head over to Grandma & Grandpa Tanner's for dinner & a visit.My handsome hubby & cute kids!TannerJack-JackThe new pool! We are sooo excited!Back in the car for the 20 minute drive to Grandma Dock's house!Thank goodness for Nintendo DS!Grandma Dock has the meanest cat ever, and Jack loves her! Every time we go over when he sees her he says, "Ooooh, kitty soooo cute!". I make Maclynn stay close by incase a rescue is necessary. Seriously this cat sent my father-in-law to the doctor more than once. Once she even left a tooth in his arm!Jack & Aunt HeatherOur niece AbbyOur nephew Carter aka "Mater"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Look Mom, no fighting!"

This is just one of those moments that I usually take for granted and have been trying to be better about noticing.I found all three of the kids on Tanner's bed watching Hannah play a Nintendo DS game.Wow! It can be done. All three of my children can coexist in the same room without fighting!

Organizational Nerd

Okay, so I'm a bit of an organizational nerd. You would think this would mean that I am the most organized person on the planet, not so. What it does mean is that I get really excited about new ways to organize things. I have embraced this part of myself and find great pleasure in making little changes around the house that hopefully keep us a little more organized. So this was my latest little project. I recently made some labels for the toy bins in the kids rooms (see last Thursday's post) and this is how I put them to use... Hannah's RoomSo those of you that know Hannah are probably wondering why there would be a toy bin for Barbies since she DOES NOT play with dolls, princesses, or anything like unto it. This bin is mainly for the other little girls that come over to our house to play.Tanner & Jack's Room

Friday, October 10, 2008

Jack was dressed from head to foot at 8:30am when it was time to take Tanner & Hannah to school this morning. However by 8:40am when we got home this was how I found him...
I would love to be able to say that this was an unusual occurance, but alas this is everyday at our house. As soon as he gets home from wherever we've been everything comes off! The boy has a definite aversion to clothing! I try to remember that a man's (or boy as the case may be) home is his castle, and I guess he should be able to walk around naked if he wants to! And as for the silver lining...I am extremely grateful that he chooses to keep his clothing on when out in public!

The T-shirt I designed

So, I wanted to be able to show my support of Prop 8 wherever I go. I went to and made myself this t-shirt, isn't it cute? It cost $23.00 including shipping. I'm so excited!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

2nd Half of my Thursday

Okay so as I always do I lost track of time once on the computer and when I looked up it was already 12:15. So from 12:15-12:25 Jack and I made a mad dash to get him ready for school and at 12:25 we leave.

12:30-3:00 I had some good ideas to get a little more organized around the house so I picked my mom up and we went in search of some bargains to put my plans into action. More about those tomorrow.

3:00 Pick up Jack from Preschool and head over to Tanner & Hannah’s school to wait it out until 3:30 when they get out of school. This is usually when I do my scripture study while Jack plays a video game, but we mostly spent the time spelling today. Jack’s favorite think to do is pick out words, read the letters to me and ask me what they spell. It goes something like this... “Mom, C-O-S-T-C-O spells....? Consequently at the young age of only 3 and a half he has already memorized several words. Some of his favorites are: stop, go, exit, Jack, and he has recently become enamored with learning how to spell all the colors. He already has green memorized. He is such a smart little guy and has always had a fascination with numbers and letters. He can count and recognize all the numbers from 1-29 and although he isn’t coordinated enough to write them all yet, one of his favorite things to do is type them on the computer. He can also recognize all of his letters upper & lowercase. I hate to sound like I’m bragging, but wow! I am continually amazed by my little genius!

3:35-4:00 We get home from school and I give the kids a half an hour for a snack (some Chewy Chocolate Chip Bars – recipe to follow) and some unwind time.

4:00-4:30 Chore time.

4:30-5:00 I let the kids play together while I continue working on one of my little organizational projects. The kids toys seem to be getting out of hand so I made some labels to put on the individual cubbies in their rooms where they keep their toys-a project I will finish tomorrow when they are at school and can’t object to my thinning them out a little.

5:00-6:00pm Maclynn calls to tell me that he is tied up at work and wont be home until close to 7:00pm so I decide to load the kids up and run a few quick errands. We run to Office Max (I don’t know what it is about office supplies that excites me, but I just love that place!) to laminate the labels I made and pick up some bookrings to attach them to the cubbies with. We run through the Wendy’s drive through for the 99 cent value menu for the kids (I’m not a big fast food fan) and head to Goodwill to drop off the items I decided to donate when cleaning out the garage.

6:00-7:00pm It’s “Crunch Time” again. I don’t know how I did it, but I did homework with the kids and all three of them bathed and in their pajamas in time for their 7:00pm bedtime. Maclynn gets home just in time for family prayers.

7:00-7:30pm I quickly cook a couple of baked potatoes and my sweetheart and I have a quiet dinner together.

7:30 to present – I cut out the labels I had laminated and attach the bookrings. Oh yeah, and I catch up my blog with the rest of my day. Now I’m exhausted. I plan to take a long soak in a hot bath and spend some quality time with the love of my life. Then I’m going to bed early to begin anew tomorrow. See you then!

So, these are the labels I made. I will post pictures of how I use them a long with the other 2 little ideas I had tomorrow.

What I've done with my Thursday...

Woke up at 6:45 and turned on a cartoon for Tanner while I jumped in the shower and got dressed.

By the time I am dressed Hannah is awake and comes in to talk to me (I don’t call her my “Little Miss Chatterbox” for nothing). I ask her if she would like pancakes or cereal for breakfast. She opts for cereal. Jack is still asleep in the living room where we slept last night (me because of my aching back, and he because he needed his mommy during the night). I decide to put off breakfast for the moment while I do my hair and make-up.

Breakfast time for me & the kids. Jack goes with toast & “shake-shake” (Carnation Instant Breakfast) as does Tanner. Hannah goes for Coco Puffs. I make myself some whole grain toast with a little bit of peanut butter, I’m going to need that protein today. I wash it down with my favorite drink of Cranberry juice mixed with Fresca. I also settle my first dispute of the day between Tanner & Hannah.

7:30am Second dispute dealt with between Hannah and Tanner. I've decided it's already time for a period of separation. They are each sent to their separate quarters to clean their rooms and get ready for school. Jack also gets his first "time-out for the day for hitting Hannah with his blanket and then yelling his "I'm sorry" at her.

7:45 Mom calls from her cell phone (Hellooooo! It’s crunch time!) to tell me that she is all by herself at the corner of Herndon and Willow in support of Proposition 8. Apparently there was supposed to be a gathering of sisters from our ward to wave signs around. “Sorry, Mom”. Come on sisters get with the program!!!

7:55 Make-up & Hair

8:00am 3rd dispute between Tanner & Hannah and a small temper-tantrum (I’d say about a 2 on the richtor scale) from Tanner when they are sent to their beds to do their reading time for the day (what a punishment).

8:05am I finally make time to kneel for my personal prayers. Perhaps if I would have started out that way I wouldn’t have been dealing with WWIII all morning. I also remind the Tanner & Hannah to say their prayers and kneel with Jack while he says his prayer in which he asks Heavenly Father to “please bless us to be happy”, and to “please bless Teacher Pat, Grandma and Grandpa, Grandma Doc, Super Why (his current favorite TV show, and Mario Kart (his favorite Nintendo DS game.)

8:10 log the kids reading books in their weekly reading log. Help the kids make their lunches

8:20 Hannah’s hair

8:25 Family prayers & out the door to take Tanner & Hannah to school.

8:40am Home from taking Tanner & Hannah to school. I start a load of laundry and it’s time to make my “To Do” list for today.

8:50-9:00am Iron some clothes for my sweetie-pie. He left before everyone was up this morning to do some grunge work at the shop. He came home showered, gratefully changed into some freshly pressed clothes and headed off to “bring home the bacon” (mmmm, bacon).

9:00am-11:30am I rediscovered my two-car garage! We’ve been so busy lately things had really gotten out of hand. The “give away” pile was piling up as were the cobwebs. So, I did some de-cluttering, gave the place a thorough sweeping and put a ton of stuff that the kids had outgrown up in the attic. Honey, this one was all for you. Just another way for me to show you how much I love you. I know how you love a clean garage, and look there’s even enough room for you to park your car!

So this is part of my give-away pile.

I'll admit it's not my idea of what a perfect garage should look like, however I did the best I could with what I had to work with and without spending any $$$.

My nice clean garage.
11:30-12:00 Some “me time”. I’m famished!!! I reheat the chicken and potatoes from last nights dinner and sit down to blog all this. Oh yeah, and I took some Motrin for my back!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Doctor Mom "Medicine Woman"

What can I say, I am my father's daughter. Who needs stitches when you've got a butterfly bandage and some hair clippers? So here's the story...
Tanner split his head open today while he and Hannah were fooling around in my shower. They were hot so they wanted to put their suits on and take a cold shower. You would think I would know better by now! When I went in to see what was the matter with Tanner blood was pouring (no exageration) down his face. I have heard that head wounds bleed a lot, but I have never seen so much blood in my entire life! Anyway, a quick call to grandma for some back up and we were ready to go to work. I applied pressure with a white bath towel (I forgot to get a picture of that before I put it in the wash) wich got soaked through with blood. After shaving his head we could see it wasn't as bad as we thought and we fixed him right up. What a tough kid!

Utah Trip

So my mom & I took a roadtrip to Utah last weekend to visit my brother & his family and my sister & her family. We also got to attend the Relief Society broadcast at The Conference Center. I haven't been to Utah in about 10 years so it was my first time in The Conference Center. AMAZING!!! We had such a great time and lots of laughs. Infact we had so much fun that these are the only pictures I took the whole trip!

Sparthenian of the Month

Hannah was chosen to be the first Sparthenian of the month from her class on September 19th. We are very proud of her and how hard she works to be aa excellent student, caring friend, and just a good little girl!

First Day of School

On August 25th Tanner, Hannah & Jack went back to school. Tanner & Hannah are in first grade and Jack is in his second year of preschool. The kids love their teachers and are happy to be back in school. For any former Mickey Cox students Tanner & Hannah's teacher is Judy Marvin (formerly Ms. Parker). She taught at Mickey Cox when we were there and married Rod Marvin who also taught there. Actually my dad is the one who preformed that marriage! Tanner & Hannah really like her and are excited about being big first graders! Jack is also excited to be back. He loves his teacher and the routine and structure that school provides. He was excited to see some of his friends from last year.

I'm Back!

Okay, so I have had a hard time getting back into the swing of things since my father-in-law passed away. I will admit my blog was the last thing on my mind. So a lot has happened, but I guess I will start by offering a little more information about my father-in-law's passing. Jeff suffered from a massive heart attack on August 15th 2008. He was gone instantly. He was only 54. We miss him terribly, but find great comfort in the knowledge that we will see him again. Our testimonies of the gospel have been strengthened as we have felt the blessings of prayers offered in our behalf by our family & friends.

Shaver Lake with Grandpa Doc