The Dockstader Family

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hello Again…

I’ll be the first to admit that when life gets overwhelming or I’m simply not feeling well.  Blogging is the first thing to go.  This pregnancy has by far been my most difficult, because I seem to be plagued with illness (and I’m not even talking about morning sickness!). Jack brought home a small virus that made it’s way through the whole family, only lasting about 3-4 days with each person – except for me.  Of course my virus had to turn into a sinus infection and then progress to pneumonia, which last close to a month!  I have since finished my antibiotics and am feeling much better.  So here’s a quick update on our family:

Maclynn is staying extremely busy with work and church.  He recently visited San Diego on a business trip and we are very glad to have him home!

Gill is just trying to catch up with everything that is sooooo far behind from being sick.  We took the house off the market deciding that our lives are a little to hectic at the moment to even think about moving.

Tanner made math club at school and got to go to McDonald's with the principal. 

Hannah also made math club just a couple of weeks after Tanner and also had a turn going to lunch with the principal.  She also got proposed to at school by one of her friends at school (being a tomboy, she has mostly boy friends).  She let him down gently telling him that she just didn’t know who she was going to know by the time it was time for her to be thinking about marriage.  She will also die of embarrassment if anyone mentions this experience to her, so mums the word!!! P.S. She lost yet another tooth today!

Jack split his head open a couple of weeks ago and is going to have a nice manly scar to show off because of it.  He is currently sporting the shaved head look and wears it oh so well! I have been extremely neglect in my photography duties so I don’t have any pictures of this.

Baby Dockstader #4 seems to being doing well as of our last doctors appt.  He/she seems to be none the worse for the wear from all of mom’s illnesses.  We will find out what we are having on March 13th.  Care to make a guess?