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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hangman with Hannah

I remembered a funny story from when Suzanna was visiting with her family and I wanted to write it down before it was forgotten.  We were at church and Chadley & Hannah were sitting next to each other playing hangman.  Apparently it was Hannah’s turn to come up with the word and Chadley’s turn to guess.  When the word was completed my dad got my attention and pointed to the paper.  The word Hannah had chosen was LOIN!  I could not contain the giggles, and I don’t think it looks very good when the bishop’s wife gets a fit of giggles during Sacrament Meeting! Upon further investigation we learned that it was actually supposed to be L-I-O-N. 


Caught up!


I believe I am now officially caught up (at least where my blog is concerned) and I plan to take a page out of Jack’s book and just relax by the pool this afternoon!

Baby Gifts

I have received some really cute, creative baby gifts that I wanted to share. 

My sister-in-law Lori gave me a beautiful basket of flowers…


Only, it wasn’t really all flowers…



It’s a bouquet of baby clothes,


baby socks,


and onesies rolled up like little rosettes!


I tried to take some pictures of what she did. Above is one of the onesies.


This is one of the socksDSC01306

Here are some pictures of all the cute things that she had in that beautiful bouquet.



This outfit was the huge flower from the top (see picture 3 for a closer view). 

Lori, I continue to be absolutely amazed by your creativity!!!

Here’s a little family secret for you…We all know what a wonderful creative homemaker my mother is (that’s not the secret).  Well, somehow that talent skipped me (that’s the secret-at least I hope it’s not completely obvious) and went completely to my little sister. Suzanna is creative in the kitchen, talented with a sewing machine and I am completely in awe of her. 

Here is the baby gift she made me…


It’s a car seat cover.


The fabric is gorgeous.


And a matching diaper/wipes holder.  Isn’t it beautiful?! 

Well, I must admit I feel completely inferior to these women’s creativity however, I am shamelessly willing to benefit from there amazing talents!  I love you both.  Thank you so much!

Catch up!!!!!!

May 1st was the Mini Olympics for Jack’s preschool class.  He loved it! He had fun participating in all of the stations until the Fresno Grizzly mascot showed up!  At that point there was absolutely no reassuring him so we called it a day and went for some ice cream.  Again I was not so good with the picture taking, but my mom got some great pictures so see Grandmother Fairy’s blog.





So here’s the part where we discuss how neglect I have been in the picture taking department.  At the end of April we were lucky enough to have my sister and her family come for a long overdue visit.  I took not one picture!  What can I say, I was busy enjoying the moment instead of documenting it.  So, for pictures of this you’ll have to visit Grandmother Fairy’s blog.  Anyway we enjoyed the time that they spent here and can’t wait to see them again.  Hopefully it wont be a year and a half this time.  I guess that puts the pressure on our end to get out to Utah soon.


Also during April our ward put together a wonderful Primary Quarterly Activity at the Fresno Temple. President Flake, a member of the temple presidency came out and talked to them about the temple, then gave each child an opportunity to touch the temple.  We finished up with a picnic.  It was a wonderful activity, the kids really enjoyed it.







On April 15th Tanner and Hannah’s first grade class got to go to one of the High School Ag Farms for a field trip.  It was cold and windy, but we had a good time and learned a lot.




They learned about the different tools used on a farm.


This was Tanner’s favorite part.  Give that boy a hammer and a nail and he’s ready to go to work.  What can I say, he takes after his Grandpa Tanner!



They learned about roping cattle.




They may look cute at this stage, but can anyone say Swine Flu?!


A HUGE thank you to our wonderful ward for sending our family to John’s Incredible Pizza for some MUCH needed family time.  What a wonderful act of service!  We had so much fun!!!


We got some much needed time with Daddy!


Jack loved the idea of watching cartoons while we ate dinner.  So this was the only side of him that I could get a picture of!



There were lots of rides...


And a ton of games to play!

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!


Way back at the beginning of April My brother Dave and his family decided to take a break from the snow in Utah and come visit sunny California. We had a blast while they were here! I’ll admit I’ve been horrible about taking pictures lately, but I did get some pictures of our trip to the zoo.  We sure had fun while you guys were here! DSC01238