The Dockstader Family

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I know I skipped A LOT  from November to now, but I absolutely could NOT  skip this milestone…


My little baldy finally got enough hair for pig-tails!


It may not be much, but it’s something. I guess when it comes right down to it, she’s cute enough that she doesn’t even really need hair.


BUT, I’m so glad it’s finally growing in.

Called to Serve

Maclynn’s youngest brother Tyler received his mission call to serve in the Charlotte, North Carolina Mission last Saturday.  He is currently at BYU Idaho and his call came to his mom’s house here in California.  Through the wonderful modern technology of Skype, we were able to open it here while he watched from school.  The family all gathered at our house and while we waited for everyone to get here Uncle Ty Ty entertained Emma with a little game of Peek…




I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!

Mother’s Day

Just a few pictures from Mother’s Day. 


I vowed not to let Mother’s Day pass without getting a picture of me with the kids.  I am very blessed to have the such good, kind, beautiful, talented children!


I made my mom sit for some pictures with the kids as well.  They love their grandma very much, and are very lucky to have her.  Jack looks unhappy, but he loves his grandma too!


Mother’s Day just wouldn’t be complete without a small tribute to the woman who taught me everything I know.  She is with me through thick and thin.  Literally!  We’ve been inseparable since I was pregnant with the twins.  I could never say enough “thank yous” to convey just how grateful I am for my mom.  I love you Mom!

Where We’ve Been (cont.)


Poor little Emma has had much to complain about as she’s been through 8 ear infections in the past 9 months.  This has kept mom VERY busy.


Yes, that’s her blanky in the tub with her.  When she’s not feeling well the only thing that will do is a blanky & a “sassy” (aka pacifier), and when it comes to bath time don’t even think about trying to take that blanky away! It’s a good Mommy had enough foresight to buy several identical blankets.


The other day I put her on the counter while I got her antibiotics out of the fridge.  In order to get to the antibiotics I had to take the cake out of the fridge.  I put it on the counter and when I turned back around this is what I found.  She even grabbed a fork! I let her have at it since its better that she eats it than me and this was the end result…


Not nearly as messy as it could of been.  She clearly understands that you don’t waste a good chocolate cake!


I looked up at snack time the other day to find both of her feet on the table.  It cracked me up, which caused her to give me this look like, “What?  Isn’t this how everybody has their snack?”

Where We’ve Been…

A lot has happened with this Dockstader family since October of last year.  We bought another house in October & moved in on Thanksgiving Day last year.  Without question the most exciting part of the move was the crane we hired to move the playhouse that we built last year from the old house to the new house.  The kids were really good to sit across the street…


while the crane moved the playhouse from the backyard…


onto Uncle Mike’s tow truck in the front yard.


Then from the front yard of the new house…


over the house…


and finally to the backyard.


However, the crane could only reach so far into the backyard…


It took 6 grown men…



and some very patient kids…



before our playhouse found its new home.  It certainly was a lot of work, but well worth it.  This is one of the kids favorite places to play.  A huge thank you to Daddy, Grandpa Tanner, Uncle Mike, Uncle John, Uncle Dylan, Uncle Tyler, and Uncle Jeff for getting it into place!